I am compiling a list of the voyages of the HAPAG ships between Hamburg and New York. So far I have finished the years 1869 to 1877 and they are available for download here: Voyages HAPAG, Hamburg - New York 1869 - 1877

New Covers in "Canal Zone RPO". And a new topic under "Canal Zone" - "Fort DeLesseps".

I am looking for scans of postmark strikes

I am looking for scans of postmark strikes of the " N.Y. & CANAL ZONE" Seapost. It is about this one:

Since the literature on this postmark is not informative enough for me, I would like to try to bring "some light into the dark".
Please email them to this address: jkuseler(at)wtnet.de

300 dpi would be good. And thanks for the efforts!

Hello! Nice that you have found to my homepage! I think that you are probably interested in philately, since this is in the domain. Then you are right here.

As you will quickly notice (almost) everything revolves around the USA. A large part around the sea posts (until 1941) and around the Canal Zone. An exception is the HAPAG. If you disregard the "Deutsch Amerikanische Seepost/US German Seapost", in which it was involved.

But it all started with HAPAG - I'm a citizen of Hamburg - and that was followed by the "US German Seapost". After some time I extended that to all US Seaposts. And a greater interest in the Canal Zone developed.

If you click through here, you will, I hope, discover one or the other interesting thing.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Registered cover from Columbus, Ohio to Paris dated 1917

I was interested in this cover because on the reverse there is a "Registry" postmark of a boarding post office of the USA. I have seen these postmarks very rarely.

In 1917, there were still only two joint seapost services. The "US British Seapost" and the "US French Seapost". According to a collector friend, the letter must have gone directly to France, since there was no British censorship. So the "US French Seapost".

As usual, I began my research in the Library of Congress, looking for departures to France in the New York newspapers. I found that due to the war, departures to Europe were not reported. However, dates of arrival in Europe. Name of ship, date and either port, or just "French" or "British Port".

From the literature I knew the names of the ships of this seapost. All only French ships. Furthermore it was mentioned that the port in France was changed in 1915 from "Le Havre" to "Bordeaux", due to the U-boat War of the German Navy.
In the French censorship stamp there is the number "372". I found out that this belonged to the censorship office in Bordeaux. Was still missing the ship.

Briefly: date from New York - March 24, 1917. date from board March 26, 1917. In the New York newspaper "The Sun" of March 30, 1917, the arrival of the ship "La Touraine", which belonged to this seapost, was reported in a French port on March 29,1917. Voyage time at that time approx. 5 days, thus departure matches the postmark of New York.
By the way: War entry of the USA, and thus end of this seapost, was on April 6, 1917. So this was the last voyage of this seapost.

In the literature (Hosking - 2008) it is noted that until then no registered mails, i.e. with this postmark of the US board post office, but it is assumed that such must exist.

"Seaposts of the USA", Roger Hosking

"United States Sea Post Cancellations - Part 1 - Transatlantic Routes", Booklet No. 54, Philip Cockrill

Archive of the "Library Of Congress", newspaper "The Sun" from New York


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