The Hamburg-American Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG or HAL) - Miscellaneous

Here I show some things from the environment of the HAPAG and their Hamburg - New York service. There are, I find some "gems" thereby available.

But see it for yourself.

(Even if one concerns the NGL)

Copy of HAPAG's founding charter dated July 15, 1847.
Share of HAPAG from the year 1936.
Map of the North Atlantic with route and dates of the voyage of the "Württemberg" of HAPAG. Departure Hamburg on 27 April 1922, arrival in New York on 12 May 1922.
Extract from the service record book of salon steward Lothar Baade.
Menu of the "Anniversary Dinner" on board the HAPAG ship "Hamburg" on April 20, 1937.
Individual file (Ficha Individual) of Jakob Behrend. On the back two entries about visas for entry. Unfortunately, I cannot determine from which country.
"Affidavit in Support of Visa Application." The signer declared to pay for the current expenses of the Immigrant until the Immigrant could become self-supporting.
Advertisement of HAPAG from a publication ?? from 1908.
Voucher of HAL from 1923, the high inflation period.
Sectional drawings through the hull of the HAPAG steamer "Augusta Victoria". From "Brockhaus' Konversations-Lexikon", 14th edition ( ca. 1892 - 1920).
Exceptionally NGL: front of a, the board post office passing through, registered cover from Copenhagen, Denmark to Seattle, Wash., USA, dated 03 October 1912.
Reverse side of the registered cover: the special feature is the stamp "Seepost Bremen-New York"/(date)/R to document the processing of the letter on board. Such special postmarks have long been required by the US Postal Service, as they had been using such for a long time.
These were introduced in 1912 (until 1914, the outbreak of war) and only on North German Lloyd ships.
I am aware of three, with this, on scans - all from the ship "Kaiser Wilhelm II" according to the schedules.
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